9 Best Gluten Free Gifts for Celiacs & Gluten Intolerants

9 Best Gluten Free Gifts for Celiacs and Gluten Intolerants. | https://asprinklingofcayenne.com


Finding gluten free gifts for celiacs and gluten intolerants is oh sooo easy when you know where to look. As a 7-year veteran of the gluten free lifestyle, I know how happy it makes me to receive a thoughtful, unexpected present. So, I curated this collection of gluten free gifts for you out of the bottom of my own heart. This list includes small gifts to brighten up an ordinary day in the life of a celiac, and larger presents that ‘wow’ a gluten intolerant with your gift that just keeps on giving.  All of these gluten free gifts are year-round selections that are perfect for special occasions and holidays.

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Gluten Free Italian Food Lovers Gift Basket

Gluten Free Gifts 1 -- Gourmet Gluten Free Italian Food Gift Basket | https://asprinklingofcayenne.com

Photo Credit: eBay

Featuring a whopping 4 pounds of gluten free Italian deliciousness, this Gourmet Gluten Free Gift Basket is perfect for the substantial snack lover. A delectable mix of gluten free sauce, pasta, cheese, crackers, and choice meats really gets their attention.  The bag of chocolate-covered wine grapes puts the sweet spin on the mostly savory offerings, making you look like a gluten free gift buying champ.

Fine French Chocolate Gluten Free Gifts for Celiacs and Gluten Intolerants


Gluten Free Gifts 2 -- ZChocolat Gluten Free Personalized Assortments

Photo Credit: zChocolats 

zChocolats are insanely popular French chocolates that have been celebrated as the ‘best present idea’ by the New York Times. Offering an abundance of chocolate assortment options, zChocolats provide gluten free customized gift boxes. These unique, downright fancy food gifts only have 4 selections that are not gluten free. So, you can really have fun choosing from the company’s wide range of chocolates that are oh soooo safe for your loved one to eat. Oh gluten free chocolate yes!!!!

Gluten Free Women’s T-Shirt 

Gluten Free Gifts 3 -- 'I Was Gluten Free Before It Was Cool' Women's T-shirt

Photo Credit: eBay

This t-shirt says it all. Yep. It lightens the mood while helping celiacs and gluten intolerants express who they really are without saying a word.The fact that you can order this shirt in a wide range of colors helps you further personalize the present in seconds.

Gluten Free Italian Cookies

Gluten Free Gifts 4 -- Alder Creek Gift Baskets All Occasion Gluten-Free Italian Gourmet Cookies

Photo Credit: Walmart

Alder Creek Gift Baskets All Occasion Gluten-Free Italian Gourmet Cookies – Walmart.com. Y’all, I almost can’t even…A whole box of gluten free cookies…This is a heart-warming gift that’s perfect for the person who usually has to sit there and watch everyone else enjoy the cookies that they can’t eat. Please, please, please consider this extremely thoughtful gluten free present for your loved one who is the only celiac/gluten intolerant in your family and friendship circle.


Men’s Certified Gluten Free T-Shirt
Gluten Free Gifts 6 -- Certified Gluten Free T-Shirt. https://asprinklingofcayenne.com

Photo Credit: eBay

This men’s certified gluten free T-shirt is perfect for the celiac/gluten intolerant man who’s into graphic tees. (It’s also perfect for sharing with your husband if you know that you’ll fit in it, too. Yep. Bonus cuteness if you’re gluten free, too!!)

Gluten Free Paella Pack

Chiquilin Paella Set

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market

Two gluten free gifts in one, this Paella Pack from Cost Plus World Market is  one sizzling hot find. Once your recipient makes the paella, they get to keep the 13″ pan for other recipes, such as Paleo Jambalaya Pasta with Zoodles.  The fact that the Paella Pack is totally unisex is a bonus big enough to make this one of your go-to gluten gifts presents for both men and women.


Gluten Free Blueberry Scones Mix


Gluten Free Gifts 7 -- Sticky Fingers Bakeries Blueberry Gluten Free Scone Set of 6

Photo Credit: Cost Plus World Market

You’ll have them at ‘Quick and Easy.’ Yep. What celiac or gluten intolerant would not be touched by the amazing, almost poetic package artwork? And then get to eat wild blueberry gluten free scones using a simple mix…Count us aaaallllll in….Oh, and there’s gluten free lemon scones, too!!

Gluten Free Snack Sampler Gift Basket

Gluten Free Gifts 8 Alder Creek Gluten Free Gift Basket, 9 pc


Photo Credit: Walmart

Alder Creek Gluten Free Gift Basket, 9 pc – Walmart.com This gluten free snack sampler is perfect for your gluten free foodie friend. Yep. Where else can you find pomegranate and vanilla cashews, almond roca candy, brie cheese, dry salami and herb-marinated olives all in ONE place? Nowhere else, but you get can them here!! And your lucky loved one gets a cool basket and a cheese knife as permanent keepsakes. Yep and yay…


Gluten Free Automatic Breadmaker
Gluten Free Gifts 9 Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 2 Pound Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free Setting | Model# 29881

Photo Credit: Walmart

Hamilton Beach HomeBaker 2 Pound Automatic Breadmaker with Gluten Free Setting | Model# 29881 – Walmart.com The chic compact design of this gluten free breadmaker makes it a welcome gift for the celiac/gluten intolerant home cook. But, the real presents you are giving are the incredible smells coming out of the gluten free bread machine while the bread is baking. And the warm, toasty just-baked bread that you can make happen again and again and again for someone who will truly appreciate your thoughtful gift.

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