Hi, I’m Lyn Corinne Liner, the author, recipe developer and photographer behind A Sprinkling of Cayenne food blog.

I am…

  • a devoted follower of Jesus Christ
  • south Louisiana born, south Louisiana raised, and south Louisiana food proud
  • crazy about cayenne pepper
  • in mad love with the Cajun ‘trinity’ of onion, green bell pepper, and celery
  • a self-taught home cook
  • a shameless cast iron cooking addict
  • just another gluten intolerant south Louisianian who can’t bear the thought of not eating an authentic gumbo for the rest of her natural life. Yep. So, I created the grain free, Paleo, and gluten free Trinity Roux™. This years-long Louisiana labor of food love now lets all gluten intolerant Cajun food lovers have their authentic gluten free Louisiana seafood gumbo, and eat it, too.
  • a passionate food blogger who created A Sprinkling of Cayenne to continue to share my sometimes Paleo, sometimes grain free, and always gluten free recipes from my native south Louisiana perspective

About A Sprinkling of Cayenne Food & Faith Blog Lyn Corinne and Mark Liner

My awesome husband Mark is the master taste tester and resident grill master of this blog. You might also see him pop up from time to time with his own unique recipes that he comes up with after picking the fruit/veggie bounty from our (usually) plentiful backyard garden.

This sweet, beautiful fur kid below is Ling Ling, our at least twice-daily carpet happy dancer extraordinaire:

About 2

And our little Lulu, who is so spoiled and independent that she sometimes can’t even be bothered to actually stand up and eat her food. Ya know, like a dog????

About 3

And Buster Bear, our greatest protector, and professional dog bone collector…

About 4

Have a question or comment? Contact me at lyncorinne (at) asprinklingofcayenne (dot) com


What is SP&C?

I don’t like or use prepared Cajun or Creole seasonings. Why? I’m honestly not one for prepared seasonings. And, to be more honest, I don’t really care for thyme or oregano, and those two herbs are usually included in a Cajun or Creole seasoning mixture.

I also know in my heart that its the preparation method, not just the seasonings used, that authenticates a true Cajun and Creole recipe. Yep.

So, I use SP&C, or salt, black pepper, and cayenne pepper, in place of prepared seasonings. I do this because, with SP&C, I can build a solid flavor profile foundation that allows me to choose other herbs and spices that complement the inherent flavors of the ingredients I use to develop my recipes.

SP&C lets me be me, and allows my food to taste like MY food.

That said, feel free to substitute your favorite Cajun or Creole seasonings in place of SP&C if you just gotta be you, too. I respect that. Yep.

What is ASOC?

A sprinkling of cayenne…my seasoning…my blog title…my inner south Louisiana soul…