Gluten Free Baked Ziti With Spinach & Mushrooms

Gluten Free Baked Ziti With Spinach and Mushrooms. |

Eight different cheeses melting into hot and gooey yum-deliciousness right here, right now, y’all!! Yep!! This gluten free baked ziti with spinach and mushrooms silences your ‘I gotta have cheese, and lots of lots of it TODAY,’ craving. Perfect to feed a crowd of hangry folks, this oversized hunk of cheesy, pasta-y, tomato-y goodnesses’ shareable nature makes you feel less guilty about partaking in its over-the-top indulgence. Yep and yay…

Louisiana Garlic Stuffed Beef Roast

Louisiana Garlic Stuffed Beef Roast from A Sprinkling of Cayenne. |

When you are invited to a south Louisianian home for Sunday dinner, chances are great that your hosts are serving garlic stuffed beef roast. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, it just doesn’t matter to us. Beef roast is our customary go-to dish for comfort and company, and you’re really special to someone in the house if you get a Sunday pot roast invite down here. Yep.