Easy Gluten Free Skillet Cocktail Meatballs

Easy Gluten Free Cocktail Meatballs | https://asprinklingofcayenne.com/easy-gluten-free-cocktail-meatballs

These zesty, saucy, and oh soooo easy gluten free skillet cocktail meatballs are a lifesaver when you need a quick, foolproof party appetizer. South Louisiana seasoned ground beef and a handful of pantry ingredients transform into saucy yum-deliciousness in less than one hour. But, when you make-ahead the sauce, it deepens into a refined, sophisticated topping for the oh sooo light and juicy mini meatballs that also happen to be grain free, and keto and Paleo adaptable. Yep and yay…

Gluten Free Bananas Foster Bread Pudding Cake

Gluten Free Bananas Foster Bread Pudding Cake. | https://asprinklingofcayenne.com

You just can’t get any more New Orleans dessert indulgent than my gluten free Bananas Foster bread pudding cake. The melt in your mouth bread pudding base bakes to perfection in the oven for just over 1 hour. Once it cools, you drizzle (or ladle) the rich yet ridiculously easy sauce over the top of it to tie the whole gluten free dessert together into creamy, yum-delicious perfection. Yep and oh sooo good yay…

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Cheesecake With Praline Topping

Gluten Free Sweet Potato Cheesecake With Praline Topping from A Sprinkling of Cayenne.https://asprinklingofcayenne.com/gluten-free-sweet-potato-cheesecake-praline-topping/

This recipe for gluten free sweet potato cheesecake with praline topping came straight out of my heart. Created in my kitchen with what I had on had, this cheesecake recipe includes both cream cheese and ricotta cheese. An almond crust keeps it light, while the mix of cheeses and traditional pie spices takes the familiar flavors to whole new delectable levels. Yep and yay!!